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Bite Mi, February 17 2022

What to Order at Bite Mi?

If you're new to Bite Mi, let us recommend some of our most popular menu items!

To start off your Morning egg-cellent, enjoy our freshly baked & made to order ✨ E G G  P U F F S  ✨

What are egg puffs? They're perfect little Vietnamese pastries served with a juicy pork or chicken filling & topped with our secret scrambled cheesy egg! Need a little 🔥 in your life? Our Egg Puffs come spicy too with sriracha & chili flakes! 🌶

Don't forget your pick mi up! Our special Vietnamese coffee is sure to prep you for your day. If you haven't had Vietnamese coffee before, you're in for a treat! Vietnamese coffee is typically served with a lot of ice since it's so strong 💪. As the ice melts into the coffee, it's perfect for your morning commute 🏎

It's lunchtime and you're STARVING! Let us take care of your appetite. Our most popular is our Grilled Pork Banh Mi and for a good reason!

It's a little sweet and tangy & served on a freshly baked baguette accompanied by a medley of fresh veggies.

Peep some cucumber spears, cilantro, jalapenos & our special mix of pickled daikon & carrots 👀

Don't like something you see? We offer plenty of customization options so your Banh Mi is made just for you!

You're off work and it's time to go home - swing on by and pick up your freshly made mobile order as soon as you walk in!

Bite Mi is partnered on the Tastea App so you can order Bite Mi on the go and have it freshly made as soon as you've arrived.

Don't feel like making the trip out? We also offer delivery through the Tastea App & we're on platforms such as Door Dash, Uber Eats & Grubhub!

Now, you've got the process handled but what to eat? For dinner, we love splitting a Banh Mi with a loved one and getting a delicious array of sides! ✨ PLUS ✨ Chicken Garlic Noodles are always a hit with the kids and our spicy Bite Mi Fries are sure to make even the pickiest eaters happy.

Don't forget about the Boba! Here at Bite Mi, we've partnered with the amazing boba tea store Tastea. Enjoy the ice cold refreshing taste of Peach Me Sweetea or the smooth balanced taste of Classic Milk Tea with signature Green Honey Boba 🧋

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